How To Generate High-Quality Leads from Sellers, Buyer & Landlords On Auto-Pilot

Who Are We?

Hey! I'm Anthony Dennis, Founder at ANF Media.

I started this company with a vision to give value to as many companies as possible with marketing. Everything we do is aimed at helping business professionals get the right systems and automations to make life running their company easier.

We've worked with many businesses to build out well oiled marketing machines with different social platforms to generate 30+ high-paying clients a month! Our system has been so successful that clients have been able to take this and turn it into a predictable ROI formula.

If you're a business professional looking to skyrocket your prospecting and remove yourself from marketing, you're in the right place. This could work for literally any business!

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Find The Most Profitable Traffic Source

Most property businesses are stuck relying on traditional marketing methods to keep their business afloat. Although this has worked in the past, it's now an unreliable way to generate new clients on auto-pilot.

Leaflet Drops, Radio Ads, and Local Newspaper Ads generate limited and mediocre results. You can't target your 'dream' customers and you have no stats on real-time results to ensure that you're getting a great ROI.

Relying on this method will mean your prospecting will be inconsistent and feel like a roller coaster ride. One week you're fully booked, and the next your team are twiddling their thumbs with empty diaries. This is NOT fun and will leave you exhausted in the long run.

However, when you implement a paid Facebook advertising campaign for your Business, the results can be incredible! The reason for this is that it allows you to only target your DREAM prospects, track them, and advertise to them again for a fraction of the cost.

Stop for a minute and imagine what your dream clients' demographics are...

What is their age? income? gender? High Net worth? Occupation? Interests?

With Facebook Advertising, you can ensure your adverts only show to this type of person! Plus, it's fully trackable from 'website visit' to paying clients. This means you never have to worry about where your marketing budget is going and if it's actually generating clients... it's crystal clear!

Instead of wishing new prospects would give you a call randomly, we're going to show adverts online where they're hanging out. No more relying on walk-by traffic or word of mouth, you can have a system that with a push of a button, will generate new qualified leads.

"But wait... doesn't Facebook attract time wasters?"

Not if you set it up correctly, take the time to conduct customer research and craft the perfect offer (that doesn't leave you broke!)

Have a read below of how Ely managed to get 40+ enquiries using our advertising system!


From Open Calendar To Fully Booked In 60 Days

This was the exact problem that Bolt Properties had when they approached us. They have an incredible team and a range of services available. The only problem was that they needed a reliable method to generate new clientele.

Just 60 days after launching our laser targeted campaign along with some retargeting ads they were able to fully book out their calendar with qualified clients. They are now gathering more data from so they can use AI to make their marketing stronger!

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Only Speak With Highly Qualified Enquiries

Having a system to generate your leads on auto-pilot is an incredible tool to skyrocket your businesses growth. Once you have everything set up and tested, there is literally no limit to the success you can have.

The problem comes when property professionals just launch a Facebook Advert and hope for the best. Leads are pointless if they don't convert into paying clients, right? So why do so many people just collect the names and numbers of potential clients and hope for the best?

It's a losing game and will leave you burnt out and with conversion rates below 5% (lead to booking).

Remember, as these are brand new enquiries, they don’t yet: Know, Like Or Trust You.

We need to build this trust before any sales begin!

The top 1% of business owners are doing something different. They’re not sitting around hoping that their leads will convert, they’re being proactive. The best way to get higher conversions isn’t to discount your service even more… it’s to educate them before they visit you!

The race to the bottom on pricing is a losing battle.

They’ll always be someone who will offer services at a cheaper price than you. However, once you educate the prospect on your specific product/service and story, you’ll be able to overcome most of their objections.

The way to do this is to ensure we ask questions to the potential client before they can ‘opt-in’. Rather than just collecting their phone number, we want to proactively ask them WHY they want this service. We need to make them stop and think “why do I actually want this service?”.

Once we’ve sufficiently qualified them and ensured no contraindications, we can’t just leave them there. To further warm them up, we need to send them 4-5 value-packed emails spaced out over 10 days. These emails explain more details about your business, show examples and really educate the potential client.

After they’ve consumed this content, you’ll find clients are willing to pay more and have more trust in your services.


40+ Enquires In Just 30 Days!

Galia Property is a bespoke property sourcing company that finds, negotiates and packages property opportunities to sell them on to investors for a fee.

They were finding a lot of properties through online portals and agents but wanted to leverage their time and find a way to have people come to them.

Within 60 days after building and launching out a campaign they were able to generate 40+ High-quality qualified leads direct to the landlord that he was able to do deals with. He also sold 4 of them to his network at £3,000 per deal. He is still generating leads and has saved him a lot of time searching online for new properties.

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Optimize Your Backend Systems For Maximum Profits & Scale

You may have heard this saying before: The money is in the follow-up! Most businesses, however, completely miss out on this fundamental aspect of client generation.

From our experience, this is the typical follow-up process with most businesses:

  • Lead Generated
  • Manually Input Into CRM
  • Call Lead (3+ hours after generated to not seem ‘pushy’)
  • Lead Doesn’t Pick Up
  • Leave Quick Voicemail
  • Assume Lead Isn’t Interested Or They’ll Get Back To You
  • Move Onto Next Lead

If your follow-up process looks anything like this, you need to pause ALL advertising, and re-group! It’s worth pausing everything and spending 2 weeks mapping out a structure, rather than doing the same ineffective method again and again.

Here are the main reasons why businesses don’t follow up:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Don’t want to seem pushy
  • The leads haven’t been qualified
  • They have no clear strategy

The final bullet point is where the problem lies! If you don’t have a solid follow-up strategy, you’ll never be able to maximize your online advertising.

Before you even start generating enquiries online, you need to switch your mindset.

You have an incredible service that these prospects have requested and need. You’re not a ‘dodgy salesman’ with a product that won’t help them… you have the product/service to help!

If you’ve set up your advertising correctly, you will have qualified this enquiry and have some good data on their wants, needs, goals and fears. Following up with them is doing them a service!

Remember, people are busy! You won’t always be able to catch people on the first call you make, and that’s totally fine. We have found that the quicker you can call the lead, the higher the conversion rates are.

Have a look at this graph. It shows that leads contacted within 5 minutes, converted 21x more than leads that were called after 30 minutes! Crazy right?

If you can’t call these leads ASAP, you can set up automations that can assist you in this process too. This is what we set up for many businesses that don’t have a full-time reception team.

After a few weeks of following up with the enquiries, you can review your KPIs (key performance indicators) and spot trends. Use this data to keep improving your conversion rates. We’ve seen businesses go from a 7% conversion rate (lead to paying client), all the way up to 45%, just by following this exact method!

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Old Way vs New Way Of Growing Your Business

The game has changed.

We've Discovered How Property Businesses Can Be Massively Profitable From Day One, Whilst Following A Simple Process To Grow Your Revenue Fast!

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40+ Enquires & £12K Profit From Deals Sold In 30 Days!

Meet Ely from Galia Property. He has been using our system for the past few months and the results have been incredible!

After just the first few weeks with our Lead generation, he had generated 40+ enquiries and 4+ deals he has then sold on! Ely was able to generate 3-4x ROI on this first-month advertising with us and it’s only just the start.

The Process
After our initial Strategy Call, we mapped out his goals and reverse engineered them to ensure we could over-deliver on results! We positioned him as a professional investor to only attract landlords who were motivated to sell and let their property.

The Results
Within 24 hours of launching the campaign, Ely generated leads he then negotiated deals with that he sold on (worth £6000). Fast forward 30 days, he managed to get a few deals for himself. AND has a few others under contract.

Galia Property

Target Prospect: direct to vendor
12k profit from deals sold
London, England

Scaling His Accountancy Business & Growing property Portfolio

Meet Stephen from File & Fill an accountancy company based in London.

When we first met Stephen, he was a full-time accountant who wanted to expand his clientele for his business. He had an incredible vision on where he wanted to take the business, however had no reliable strategy to start generating clients.

The Process

We mapped out his dream clientele demographics and put together a strategy to attract these people. If we were able to only target his dream clients and show off his services, bookings would start flooding in!

After setting up our 'marketing funnel Engine', Stephen had his first PAYING client within 48 hours who committed to a plan. Plus, a long list of excited enquiries that wanted a consultation to be scheduled in.

The Results

After working alongside our team, Stephen was able to fully book his calendar and make his first hire (as he had no time left to serve the other clients!). He then decided to structure more offers so he can serve more people...

Stephen is also growing a property business and doesn't have to worry about having an empty appointment calendar!

File & Fill Accountancy

Prospect: Contractors/Working Professionals
Result: Influx of inbound enquires
Location: London, England

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Your Property Business New Reality...

Imagine waking up to new bookings every single day! You no longer have to worry about paying off your expensive devices + your team is flourishing with all the new clients.

What if all of this was set up for you and all you had to do was let us know when you want to go live with your new advertising?

Plus, imagine if there were no long-term contracts and the results of the marketing were guaranteed?

That would be pretty cool, right? If you're interested in hearing more about how we can do this for you, click the button below. We'll hop on a call and walk you through our exact system!

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